If you are reading this page, chances are that creativity means something special to you.

Who in your life made that possible for you? Who helped inspire you and nurture your uniquely creative way of viewing the world?

At Eastport Arts Center we believe that cultivating creativity is best done by sharing.

If you have a special friend, a favorite relative, an exceptional teacher, or anyone you would like to recognize, please consider honoring their contribution to the creativity in your life with a donation to the Eastport Arts Center.  

Just as that special person does for you, your gift to the Eastport Arts Center can help others:

Ease into the moment.
Awaken their creativity.
Startle themselves.
Think original thoughts.
Ponder the meaning of life.
Open their eyes and ears as never before.
Recognize the many ways of

All that we offer is even better when it is

Come join us!
Engage with our diverse community;
Never-imagined possibilities await.
Together, we can
Experience our corner of the world
Refreshed and renewed.

For more information about Memorial and Tribute gifts, please contact Susan Coopersmith, Development Coordinator, at (207) 853-4650 or susan@eastportartscenter.org.