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5th Annual High School Jazz Night

Eastport Arts Center’s annual High School Jazz Night will be held on Tuesday, April 2 at 6:30 pm. The Calais Middle and High School Jazz Band will take the stage first with Dean Sorenson’s Power Trip, Lennon/McCartney’s Yesterday and Ray Charles’ What’d I Say. ““We are looking forward to coming out to the EAC again this year to celebrate jazz!” said Director, Christine Proefrock. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear what our peers are doing, to learn, to enjoy and to interact with our supportive community.” Calais band members are: Cassidy Carr, flute; Emily Alley, clarinet; Ivy McLellan and Bailey O’Rourke, alto saxophone; Christian Emery, tenor saxophone; Josh Cline, Megan Mitchell and Tristan Seavey, trumpet; Micheal McFarlane, trombone; Hope McLaughlin, guitar; and Kobe Saunders, drums.

Washington Academy’s Raider Jazz Band will take the stage next, with George Vincent’s Fat Burger and Green Onions arr. by Paul Murtha. The group’s third number will be announced from the stage. Director Bonnie Atkinson, who is in her first year teaching at WA notes, “The Raider Jazz Band has doubled in size this year, and is made up of a talented (and hilarious) group of musicians!  They are an amazing and dedicated group that are involved in a lot of other school and community activities.  Many are Tri-M Music Honor Society members, Pep Band participants, a cappella choir members, mathletes on the Math Team, Art Club artists, Drama Club actors, Sustainability  and Science Club members and athletes. They give a lot of their time and energy to school events and Washington Academy is a stronger school because of them!”

Raider Jazz Band members are: Grace Maker, clarinet; David Zegers, alto saxophone; Forrest Perkins and Taylor Bridges, tenor saxophone; Nathan Carver, Shaelea Perkins and Daniel Runnels, trumpet; Olivia Perkins and Rowan Morris, trombone; Nam “Pom Pom” Nguyen, harmonica; Tina Pham, xylophone; Bach Phung, piano, Isaac Atkinson, bass guitar; Nam “John” Nguyen, drum set; and Jordan Myers, auxiliary percussion.

The Shead Jazz Combo will close the show with their set, including Take 5 by Paul Desmond, Footprints by Wayne Shorter and Bobby Hebb’s Sunny. The combo received a rating of one at the District Jazz Competition (the highest rating you can get by the judges); several band members also received one scores on their improvisational efforts. The group traveled to South Portland High School for State Jazz Competition on March 15.

“We always look forward to showcasing the students talents at the EAC because it is a home gig and a relaxed atmosphere where all our family and friends can join us,” said Robert Sanchez, Director of the Shead band. “Not everyone can make our away gigs and they are always excited about coming to the EAC gig.  It is also nice for Washington County schools to see what each other are doing!”

Shead band members include: Rebecca Johnston, flute; Sarah Bartlett, alto saxophone; Maleeka Barnes, tenor saxophone; Henry Mills, guitar; George Mills, bass; Jacob Cook, drums; and Ashlee Morang, vocals.

Admission to the concert is by suggested donation of $5, or more if you can, with all proceeds being split between the three schools’ jazz programs. Students will be admitted free of charge, or may opt to contribute to the fundraiser. The Eastport Arts Center is at 36 Washington Street, Eastport, and at www.eastportartscenter.org, and is handicapped-accessible.

Youth Art Month Exhibit Opening Reception

The annual Youth Art Month Exhibition will be on view March 30 to May 5 at Eastport Arts Center’s Washington Street Gallery. This popular annual exhibition will showcase work from local schools, including colorful and creative drawings, paintings, paperworks, prints and sculpture by students ranging from kindergarten through grade 12. Participating schools will include Beatrice Rafferty School, Calais Elementary, Middle and High School, Charlotte Elementary School, Eastport Elementary School, Edmunds Elementary School, Elm Street School,  Machias Memorial High School, Perry Elementary School, Rose M Gaffney School, Shead High School, Whiting Village School and Woodland Jr-Sr High School.
An exhibit opening reception will be held from 2-4 pm on Saturday, March 30.Washington Street Gallery is open during EAC events, or by chance or by appointment. The Eastport Arts Center is at 36 Washington Street, Eastport and http://www.eastportartscenter.org, and is handicapped-accessible.

High School One Act Night

Students from the theater programs of Calais High School, Washington Academy and Shead High School, prior to competing at the annual Maine Drama Festival March 8-9, will present their competition one-acts in a special showcase at Eastport Arts Center on Wednesday, March 6. The Calais Callbacks take the stage first at 5:30 pm, followed by the Washington Academy Players at 6:15 pm, and Shead’s Mixed Nuts at 7 pm.

The Calais Callbacks will present “13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview” by Ian McWethy. Performers include: Cassidy Carr, Kale Sapiel, Christian Emery

Ashley Welch, Haley-Ann Way, Sontee Edwards, Tristan Seavey, Adida Edwards, Ben Goode, Johanna Dulge and Elizabeth Trainor; students involved backstage include: Adida Edwards, Chloe Bernardini, Kathryn Archer, Adam Barnard, Wyatt Thigpen, Sontee Edwards, Madyson Parks, Allison Yost, Alison Moffett, Hannah Alley, Bri Donovan, Emily Alley, Emma Saunders and Tiara Knowles. Director Kati Grass has been aided by the set design team of Bob Greenlaw, Gayle Greenlaw and Josh Grass.

Washington Academy Players will perform “A Wrinkle in Time,” adapted for the stage by Morgan Gould from the book by Madeleine L’Engle. According to Director, James Ausprey, “ this adaptation captures the energy, mood, and story line effectively. Six defined characters are supported by an ensemble of 14 creating the essence of the story through movement, mime, and sheer physicality. Collaboration is the rule for creating the set of “bodies” and sound effects. Temporary characters are pulled from the ensemble. Actual set pieces are essentially nonexistent. This is effective for forming the places across the universe where the action takes place.”

The six defined characters are Kate Somes, Sam Somes, Jude Zanoni, Rosemary Corkins, Hailey Boutin, and Devyn Seeley. The ensemble consists of Vivian Noakes, Nathan Carver, Arthur Ingalls, Madelyn Gardner, Thomas Davidson, Allison Crabtree, Ayden Lamoureux, Caleb Brown, Jaden Boutin, Willow Garrison, Selena Williams, Sara Otto, Nam Nguyen, and Nick Luuring.

Shead’s Mixed Nuts will present “The Sequel” by Percival Wilde, with performers Sarah  Bartlett as ‘She’, CJ Francis as ‘He’, Katie Bartlett as ‘Butler’ and Antonio Vizcarrondo as ‘Horrocks, Inc.’ The play is directed by Caryn Vinson with technical direction by Aaron Lank and with student production staff: Rebecca Crabtree, stage management and lights; Maleeka Barnes, sound; Ashley Morang, props and costume-care and Devin Morrison, stage hand.

Admission to the performance is $5; proceeds will benefit the schools. Eastport Arts Center is at 36 Washington Street, Eastport, and is handicapped-accessible. For more information about education and outreach programs of the center, please visit www.eastportartscenter.org.

Outreach Program Brings the Arts to Area Preschoolers

Eastport Arts Center’s KinderArts program has received a Kars4Kids grant in support of expanded educational outreach efforts for the 2018/2019 school year. In collaboration with Theresa Fisk, District Early Childhood and Youth Coordinator for Washington County of the Cutler Institute, EAC has organized outreach visits of the KinderArts program for the Passamaquoddy Child Development Center, KidzFirst childcare center, Calais Head Start and Pre-K, Passamaquoddy Head Start and the St. Croix Early Care and Education Center. More than 60 local preschoolers have enjoyed learning yoga and meditation through dance, music and storybooks with instructor Caroline DiLio. Owner of Maine Moon Kids Yoga, DiLio is a certified children’s yoga instructor and a mother of three. She also leads the Tiny Yogis program at Eastport Arts Center, which will resume weekly starting March 21.
“Caroline’s quiet and patient presence when working with young children helps them to become fully involved in the activity.” said Marcia Rogers, Site Manager for Head Start at Child and Family Opportunities.
“The yoga and music experience can be relaxing and fun when the instructor is able to capture their interest. Caroline excels at this, which is evident in the excitement of our children when they learn she is coming to visit their classroom.”
Prior to receiving the Kars4Kids funding, EAC’s KinderArts program did a series of outreach visits to private home-based caregivers in Eastport and Perry, with support from the Crewe Foundation and the Maine Arts Commission.
“We reached out to area childcare centers because these children did not have the opportunity to travel to our center,” said Alison Brennan, EAC’s Education and Outreach Director. “Early arts learning is so important to the well-rounded growth of healthy children.”
Eastport Arts Center’s mission is to stimulate and nurture an appreciation of the visual and performing arts and the creative process and to provide a home and an environment within the community where they can prosper. More information may be found at eastportartscenter.org/education.

EAC Boasted a Boisterous Group in Eastport’s Pirate Festival Parade

Representatives of each of the EAC constituent groups as well as several major programs and annual events are shown marching in the Eastport Pirate Festival parade. Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Following on the heels of fire-breathing performers, the EAC group, proudly displaying our new banner and carrying signs naming the 7 constituent groups as well as several annual events and recurring programs, marched the parade route, singing an extemporaneous rendition of the drunken sailor song featuring many EAC-themed verses. To the repeated cry of “What shall we do with a drunken sailor?” were chorused replies such as, “Give him two tickets to the Concert Series,” Make him sing tenor in Quoddy Voices,” “Send him to the International Dinner!” and many more. The boisterous group included: John and Anne Franklin, Kieran Weston, Cadence and Zephyr Nickerson, Jenny Robish, Manuela Brice, Kathleen Dunbar, Lane and Jim Willey, Sally DeCicco, Jeanne Peacock, Steve Koenig, Christina and John Smith, and Lauren Koss.

Energetic International Dancers Get Calais Elementary Students Moving

On Thursday, September 21st, Eastport Arts Center’s International Dancers visited the third grade students of music teacher Miss Moody at Calais Elementary School.

Photo by Tarah Waters

This enthusiastic group of 30 children loved the music and learning folk dances from Israel, South Africa and Greece. The hour-long session began with the Israeli “Fox Dance.” This circle dance was great fun as the three foxes inside the circle chose other foxes to take their place. “This is like a game with music!” one child exclaimed.

Photo by Tarah Waters

“Pata Pata,” a party dance song from South Africa was followed with the exuberant “Tripotis” Greek dance as their final effort. The International Dancers were very impressed with the enthusiasm and skill of these young dancers. A great time was had by all.

Next on the International Dancers tour schedule are visits to Perry Elementary School on November 3 and Pembroke Elementary School on November 8.
For more information about the EAC’s education and outreach efforts, please contact Alison Brennan at alison@eastportartscenter.org.


The work of Eastport Arts Center is funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. The work of Eastport Arts Center is funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.